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Jun 08, 2022

Shehzad Merchant

Eat Right & Balanced.

Hello Subscribers – Although I was supposed to have written the ending episode of the earlier blog closer to next weekend, some unscheduled culinary consultation coming up next weekend have forced me to finish it ahead of plan.

So, let me first share my thoughts on absolutely proven healthy food ingredients almost in all main course cuisines of Indian / Pakistani subcontinent origin. We all are a well aware variety of foods and nutrients are needed for trillions of cells in the human body. Southeast Asian cuisine includes a variety of spices, where every spice has many health benefits. Let us get away from the myth that subcontinents dishes are prepared with excessive oil or ghee (a form of clarified butter). This notion may be true to some extent but largely does not apply to real chefs. Professional chefs are always mindful & health-conscious and fully understand the consequents of using edible family into their staple cooking & they prepare food full of exotic and exciting flavors, and ingredients that are amazing for your health & finger-licking to taste. The core value of South East Asian cooking is that everything should be made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Processed foods are one of the major hurdles that people face when they’re trying to stay healthy but subcontinent cooking is free of any extras.

Dieticians within the United States and elsewhere globally have endorsed recent research compiled by prominent doctors & dieticians which enlists & explains the 22 healthiest foods and food ingredients in the South East Asian region. These cuisines greatly help in creating good blood sugar balance, reduce cancer risk, inflammation, improvise body metabolism, kidney and liver functions, and digestive system. Studies have also found that a plant-based dietary intervention improves insulin resistance and beta-cell functions.  

Twenty-two of the healthiest and nutrition-packed subcontinent foods are:<br>South East Asian
Lentils & Chick Peas, Green Vegetables, Millet, Tomatoes, Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Spinach, Garlic, Sweet Potato, Fenugreek, Mango, Cardamom, Fish, Poultry, Coriander, Cumin seeds, Reddish, Cloves, Oregano & thyme. At none of our ready-to-heat foods are without at least 9 to 11 above-mentioned ingredients. Consumption of such blend of foods on a regular basis not only provides most of the nutrients in adequate quantities but also improve gastrointestinal health, boost immune functions, improve bone health, lower cholesterol, and oxidative stress, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, various types of cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, ill-effects of obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Various natural chemicals and biological components present in subcontinent traditional foods, such as phytochemicals, dietary fiber, oligosaccharides, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, and probiotic bacteria play an important role in improving the health of consumers.