Why KhanaFresh

Meals prepared from SCRATCH! Our food is food your mother would want you to eat. Know what every ingredient in your meal is. Sit down at your table and have a taste of homemade food every time you open one of our meals. All our meals are made by hand using traditional methods used in most South Asian homes. We take time honored traditional cuisine and deliver it to your door

You Order
We update our menu every week with many delicious and nutritious meals. You can pick your top choices depending on your taste and preferences.

We do the cooking
Each Khana Fresh meal is prepared by culinary specialists using the freshest spices, vegetables, breads, and or halal meats. Your order is sent to our chefs who prepare your ready to eat meals.

We Deliver
Don’t settle for take out or fast food when you have us. Let us do the cooking while you can do the eating. Food comes from our kitchen to your table.

Simply heat, eat and repeat
Khana Fresh meals can be warmed on the stove, in the oven, or microwave in minutes. Our meals taste great in a tray, but look great on a plate. Either way you’re never more than a couple minutes away from a delicious meal.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Khana Fresh?
Khana Fresh provides fresh, prepared kitchen to table meals. We shop, we prep, we cook, and deliver to your door for you so you can enjoy delicious meals without the hassle. Unlike takeout or greasy restaurants our food is nutritionally sound leaving you looking great, feeling amazing. You will have time and energy to focus on what you need.

What long will the food last?
Khana Fresh meals will stay fresh for 7 days in the fridge. We do not use any artificial preservatives, instead we seal our food with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). MAP lowers the amount of oxygen in the container, slowing the natural breakdown/ oxidation of food products. If you’ve ever bought a bag of salad or any fresh, packaged food product, it has been packaged using a similar technology. Our goal is to deliver fresh food from “Our Kitchen to your Table”

How do the meals stay fresh during transit?
Insulated boxes along with cold packs keep the box at refrigerated temperatures for the duration of the transit! We test and continue to test our meals in all seasons across all climates.
It is normal for the packs to be slightly melted by the time they arrive. As they melt the release cold air into the box . The cold air does dissipate quickly when you open it, so you should transfer the meals to a refrigerator immediately.

Are Khana Fresh Meals Halal?
100% hand slaughtered halal chicken, beef, or goat is delivered daily to ensure freshness and quality by partners and suppliers. We also butcher inhouse to deliver the best cuts of meat for each meal.

Why Khana Fresh Meals Halal?
Halal requires that the blood is totally depleted from the meat, resulting in better and fresher quality, free from bacteria. In addition, as the meat is not stressed, it is free from “fear toxins” which results in softer meat which is free from radicals which are released when animals are under stress.